Do you need more reasons to hire me?

Hi there!

I'm glad that you've made it this far! This is my opportunity to give you some more reasons why you should hire me...

Let's start with my curriculum strengths:


(One of my favourite subjects)

  • I know the importance of helping students to see the link between reading and writing
  • I enjoy reading novels to students and having rich discussions around the text
  • I have an engaging guided reading programme where students are focussing on improving their comprehension skills
  • I have a variety of follow-up activities to help children consolidate their learning and be using their higher order thinking skills (Bloom's Taxonomy, Thinker's Keys etc.)
  • Reading and writing, in my classroom, are largely integrated with our inquiry topic
  • I value the importance of reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts
  • I encourage students to be challenging themselves and not just sticking to the same old genre (they may just surprise themselves!)
  • I am able to use achievement data to identify next learning steps for children
  • I ensure students are aware of their next learning steps, they know why they need to do this and how they are going to do it
  • I model characteristics of a good reader
  • I have regular discussions with children about what it is they are reading
  • I incorporate digital learning into my reading programme
  • Currently in my class I have students ranging from reading at 8.5-9yrs - 15years+, therefore, I differentiate my programme to suit the specific needs of my learners
Wonder- my classes favourite novel this year! We learnt so much about the importance of being accepting of other people's differences and being kind to one and other. We were able to link this book in with our school values and discuss why they are important!
  • I am knowledgeable of the writing process
  • I provide students with writing models (sometimes these are high quality, sometimes these are given for the purpose of improving them)
  • I guide students to annotate their writing models, identifying key features of the text
  • I produce my own pieces of writing for students to use as a model
  • In my class we regularly do shared and guided writing
  • We develop success criteria as a class
  • I encourage peer assessment of writing, where students provide medals and missions for their buddies work
  • I regularly conference with students providing them with their next steps
  • I mark and give students feedback in a timely manner
  • I regularly meet with other staff members to moderate writing to ensure that my marking is consistent and accurate
  • I am familiar with and confident with a range of writing genres 
  • I have experience working as an ALL teacher where I worked with a group of four students to lift their achievement in writing- over 15 weeks these students made significant progress with their writing.
  • Students are given choice over what they are writing about e.g. we have been studying famous New Zealanders this term, students were able to choose who it was that they were going to write their biography about
  • I have students who are working at level 2 through to level 5, therefore again,  differentiating my programme is of great importance
  • Students track their learning goals and are well aware of where they need to be at by the end of the year


  • I have a kete filled with number knowledge and hot spot starters 
  • I have experience teaching across a range of stages and levels
  • I am competent recognising next steps from assessment data
  • I know the importance of making students aware of why they need to be learning particular things in mathematics
  • I am familiar with incorporating the teaching of number into strand
  • I provide engaging real life contexts for learning
  • I recognise the need for having practical hands on tasks where students are able to manipulate materials
  • Last year my inquiry was around using materials to successfully teach mathematics
  • I constantly give myself professional learning development and do research when planning my math to ensure that I am teaching math most effectively
  • I have had experience working under the ALIM programme where I worked with a small group, in class, to give them a boost with their math
  • I value the importance of teaching financial literacy
Click here to view one of the financial literacy tasks my class completed this year

Health and Physical Education

  • Physical Education is an important part of my weekly plan
  • In my class we also regularly have fitness
  • At university I completed an extra paper in Physical Education focussing on coaching a range of different sports
  • I have completed the 'Swim for Life' programme
  • I am a netball coach and attend regular professional learning development in this area
  • I am competent and experienced with adventure based learning
  • I follow a TGFU (teaching games for understanding) approach with my teaching of physical education
  • I support school wide physical education activities, and help with training,  such as: cross country, athletics, triathlon etc.
  • EOTC- Led three camps at Deep Cove in Fiordland
  • I integrate health activities into learning through other curriculum areas
  • A big health focus at the beginning of the year is around students building strong relationships with their peers and being aware of their identity
  • I have had successful experience teaching Sexuality Education
  • I am able to follow up on and build on knowledge gained by students from Harold in the Life Education bus
  • In health I place a large emphasis on the school values, what they mean, why they are important and how they relate to students (not just when they are at school, but at home and in the community as well)
PRIDE- These are our school values. We completed a collaborative art activity at the beginning of the year, presenting the PRIDE values so that we can constantly refer to them. 


  • This year at our school we have been involved in the science contract, therefore, we have had many professional learning development sessions and teaching science has been a key focus for us
  • I am familiar with how to mark and moderate science
  • I know the importance of building up students science vocabulary
  • In my classroom we have science timetabled in weekly
  • I recognise the importance of students being able to draw and label diagrams 
  • This year our focus has been around oral language within science, we have been doing mini science experiments to get students just talking and discussing their knowledge around science; this has ignited a passion for science for many children and for many students it is one of their favourite times of the week

Social Sciences

  • I am the teacher in charge of social sciences at my school
  • I have an excellent understanding of the inquiry process
  • I am capable of finding high quality resources to use within a unit
  • Social Sciences is integrated into all curriculum areas
  • Student voice is always incorporated into planning
  • I can guide students to develop strong open-ended focussing questions
  • I teach students effective ways of doing research, recording ideas and checking the validity of their information
  • I work hard to ensure that students are paraphrasing information that they find and that they are keeping a bibliography
  • I authentically integrate ICT into my inquiry teaching
  • I allow students to use their 'SMARTS' and learn in a way which works for them
  • There is always a purpose or end product to our inquiry, for example, after completing our unit around famous New Zealanders this term we had a Living Museum, where students dressed up as their famous New Zealander and presented a speech as that person
  • I encourage students to be reflective and think about how they could improve next time

The Arts

  • In my current school, we incorporate the arts into 'Celebration Evenings', twice a year, where we invite parents along to celebrate their students learning. This year my class did a play, which we wrote, based around the TV show 'It's in the Bag' after studying 1970's New Zealand. We also wrote and preformed a very catchy song.
  • Preforming plays is a part of my reading programme
  • This year, as our focus is New Zealand, we had a large focus on New Zealand music and did a comprehensive study into New Zealand bands and artists, students then went onto create a CD cover for their chosen artist
  • We also look at and practise a New Zealand song weekly which we then sing in assembly
  • Visual arts is also largely integrated into our inquiry theme. This has meant that we have looked at iconography and New Zealand artists.
  • The arts is a curriculum area which I naturally and authentically integrate into my weekly plan in some way or another

Te Reo Maori

  • I value the importance of using te reo Maori on a daily basis
  • I teach students their pepeha
  • This year, in my classroom, we have looked into a variety of whakatauki and created 3D art displays with some of these
  • I seek guidance when I'm unsure
  • I have students in my class who are very confident and competent with te reo Maori so I use them to help teach the class
  • This year we had a large focus around matariki and had a celebration day where students were involved in a variety of different activities, followed by a hangi
  • We reguarly have pƍwhiri out our school so I am familiar with the process


  • I am passionate and enthusiastic about incoporating ICT into my teaching practice
  • I know that ICT is going to be a crucial part of the future so it is of utmost importance that we prepare students for this; particuarly the importance of being a good digital citizen and being safe online
  • I am currently completing a post graduate diploma in applied practice (digital and collaborative learning; therefore my knowledge of 21st century learning is up-to-date and continuing to evlove
  • I recognise the importance of using technology in a purposeful and authentic way
  • I have a classroom blog
  • I ran a club where I taught students how to create their own blogs 
  • ICT is easily integrated into many curriculum areas; as you will see below where my class used scratch and makey-makey's to create a piece of music

Here's the banana piano for added measure (can you pick up on what the song is? No I can't either!!)

So, by now you should have a pretty good idea of my curriculum strengths. Of course, this is just a brief summary and there is much more that I could add.

Here's a few more reasons why I would be an asset to your teaching team:

  • For the past three years I have worked closely with teacher aides and have experience working with outside agencies to support the needs of my students
  • I work hard to build positive relationships with parents and caregivers by keeping in regular contact with them, making positive phone calls and also sending home positive postcards
  • I am experienced with PB4L
  • I display students work in the classroom with pride
  • I am highly reflective and I'm always looking for ways to improve on my practice and meet the needs of learners
  • I am an advocate for my students
  • I am not afraid to ask questions when I am unsure
  • Above all, I have a great sense of humour and can relate well to students, staff and whanau

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

027 715 9790

Candace Adams